You’ve invested in high-quality furniture, good lighting, and a cleaning service for the interior of your workplace or managed property because you know that the space needs to look attractive. Yet have you thought about how to keep the outside of your property looking its best? If you haven’t, you risk making a poor impression on visitors. Learn how a landscaping service can help.

Commercial Landscaping Boosts Curb Appeal 

Lawn Masters of Kentucky - Business Landscaping ServicesWhether you have an office building, shopping center, medical practice, apartment building, or other commercial property, landscaping makes a difference. An unkempt, weedy property suggests that you don’t care. This can give potential clients/customers and visitors a poor impression of your business, while negatively affecting the morale of your staff.

A landscaping firm can make sure there’s no trash on your property and that weeds and plants aren’t growing into the pathways. If you neglect these things, your visitors will assume that you simply do not care. Or worse, a visitor could trip when walking up a cluttered path, then sue you for negligence from failure to maintain the premises. By investing in landscaping, you can prevent these problems from happening.

By landscaping and keeping the grass tidy, you can give everyone a better first impression of your business. This may translate to more sales, more clients, and happier, more productive staff.

Landscaping Needs Regular Maintenance

You may agree that your commercial property needs maintenance, but think that you can handle mowing the lawn every other week or trimming the shrubs in spring and fall.

Let us warn you that your property needs regular maintenance to look its best, prevent invasive plants from taking over, and keep paths clear. While properties can be landscaped with low maintenance plants to reduce the hands-on workload, chances are that you’ll be biting off more than you can chew if you try to do your own landscaping.

Many property owners try to keep their property landscaped, then switch to a service once they realize how much time it’s taking away from important duties. Why not start off with a landscaper and avoid the stress?

Commercial Landscaping Conserves Resources

While landscaping does represent an up-front cost, it saves you money on your utilities. By landscaping, you can reduce the amount of water you use to keep grass, shrubs, and plants healthy.

If you grow shade trees, you can naturally block solar heat from entering your building. This keeps the property cooler in the day, which means you’ll use less air conditioning to keep the building comfortable.

Look to a landscaping service to recommend the best trees, shrubs, and plants for your building, based on the sun/shade exposure, layout, and your goals. A landscape service can select attractive, low-maintenance plants and shrubs with three-season interest.

Ensure your office building makes a great first impression by scheduling regular maintenance. To learn how Lawn Masters can take care of your office building, shopping center, or managed property, email us to obtain a quote.