Have you ever driven by a neighbor’s house and marveled at the clean-cut appearance of their lawn, garden beds, and walkways? If so, you’ve appreciated landscape edging – maybe without even knowing what it is. Learn the benefits of edging for homeowners and commercial real estate owners.

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Why Get Edging for Residential Property?

Edging will deliver that same neat and tidy look to your lawn, while also serving as a root barrier. Grass and weeds cannot pass through edging material. As a result, you won’t have to spend time tidying up flowerbeds or trimming around walkways.

Edging is an affordable way to make your yard pop. It also cuts down on maintenance, so your back will thank you!

If you’ve hired a landscaping professional to plant a garden for you, do not skimp on edging in hopes of saving a few dollars. Edging protects the investment you have made and preserves the look and feel of the completed project. If you skip edging, in a couple of years grass will start creeping into the garden bed. It’s far easier to spend money getting your yard edged than try to compete with grass or weeds once they’ve become established!

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, investing in professional landscaping can help you position your home to show well. Edging gives your property instant curb appeal, and is a good use of your dollar. Many homeowners make back the money the spend on curb appeal through a higher offer.

Some homeowners might try to do this themselves with store-bought plastic edging. However, the material is poor quality. Oftentimes, it cracks after one year. Always invest in professional edging rather than DIY.

Why Get Edging for Commercial Property?

Commercial property owners love finding little shortcuts that keep their properties looking attractive while reducing hands-on maintenance and yardwork time. Edging accomplishes these objectives, and it is not a major expense up front.

Edging can really make that nice straight line around property landscaping, so the money you’ve spent on shrubs or flowers pays off. Clients will enjoy a positive first impression when visiting your place of business, and potential commercial space renters will be happy to pay top dollar for an office setting that’s clean, tidy, and professionally landscaped. The money you spend on landscaping will be more than recouped in rental income.

As with residential property, edging cuts down on maintenance. If you want to save money in landscaping fees or save time on doing it yourself, invest in edging. There are many different choices of edging material, which makes this project do-able at several price points. Even if you are cost-conscious, there is a way to make this work and retain the value of your property.

If you’re interested in edging services, we are more than happy to provide a complimentary quote. Talk over your residential or commercial lawn care needs with Lawn Masters or contact us for a service quote.