Lawn Masters of Kentucky | Central Kentucky Lawn Care | TrimmingTrimming and pruning services are essential to keeping a well-maintained property.  Trimming helps maintain the form of plants and helps check growth.   Pruning allows for the selective removal of branches or parts of branches to create a desired character or reinvigorate growth.

Trimming can be a challenge depending on the height and location of the plants. It is important that trimming is done with the proper tools to avoid damage to the plant. Lawn Masters offers regular trimming and pruning services to ensure your landscape does not outgrow its space and to keep your plants healthy and manageable.

Lawn Masters’ customers call on us for trimming, pruning and other landscape services for many reasons! Our team can be counted on to arrive on time and get the job done within the time scheduled. We are committed to doing a thorough job from start to clean up, which means always leaving the property looking great. We value our customers and take pride in doing every job right.

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