Depending on where in Kentucky you live and on the winter in question, you could experience up to two feet of snow. The 2016-2017 winter is forecast to be brutal to the Plains and Northeast, which makes it all the more important for Kentucky home owners to plan ahead for how to handle snow and ice.

How to Handle Snow Removal 

In your home or business, snow can pose a falls hazard, especially if the snow enters a cycle of melting during the day and freezing over at night. Snow can also damage your landscaping by breaking branches on trees and shrubs.

It’s always recommended to remove snow as it falls rather than wait until a storm stops, especially if the snow is heavy or wet. Go outside several times throughout a long storm and clear walkways or driveways. Remove snow with a shovel or invest in a snow blower to do the heavy lifting for you.

If you have a long driveway or you own a commercial building with a parking lot, it’s a good idea to schedule snow plow services ahead of time. This way, you know that someone will come and plow you out and you won’t have to spend hours clearing a large area by hand or using a plow.

While you’re outside, brush accumulated snow off shrubs and trees. If left on your landscaping, snow can cause broken branches. Remove snow before it turns into ice, which can cause additional plant damage. By taking the time to be responsive whenever snow falls, you can limit snow-related property damage and prevent winter falls.

How to Handle Ice

Ice is more dangerous than snow and can be difficult to remove. The good news is, if you keep up with snow removal, you’ll have less ice to deal with.

Once you’ve shoveled, place sand or ice melt on driveways and walkways to provide traction and ward off falls.

In some cases, thick patches of ice can develop. These may be common if your driveway has potholes or if icicles leak from your gutters or roofs. Break apart the patches of ice using an ice chisel.

It’s critical that you be responsible about ice removal from business premises. Failing to do so can leave you liable to a negligence claim or personal injury lawsuit if a visitor becomes hurt on your property. If you do not have the time or inclination to stay on top of this, hire a company to take care of your snow and ice removal.

At Lawn Masters, we provide full service snow and ice management for commercial and residential properties. Let us plow your driveway or parking lot, clear sidewalks, apply ice melt, and shovel your entryway.

At Lawn Masters, we provide snow and ice management for homes and businesses throughout Lexington and Central Kentucky. Let us handle all of your snow and ice needs. Learn more about our winter weather services or request a quote now.