High-quality sod is the fastest way to give your lawn a makeover and get the kind of picture-perfect grass that will make your neighbors jealous. Sod or turf grass is professionally grown, well-nourished mature lawn grass with roots and all. Learn from a leading Central Kentucky lawn care service when the best time of year is to have sod installed.

When is the Best Time to Lay Sod? 

Before sod even gets to your lawn, it has a long journey. Grown from seed on sod farms, the turf grass is fertilized, watered, and nurtured through up to two years of life. As a result, the turf grass is uniform, healthy, and vibrantly green. Sod looks like it belongs on a golf course, and with good reason: Sod is a popular choice for country clubs that want high-quality performance grass that can withstand heavy use.

Even though turf grass is strong and healthy, you must still plant it at the right time of year so the grass can tranLawn Masters Kentucky - Sod Servicessition and thrive in its new location. Planting sod is just like planting trees or flowers. There is an adjustment period while the sod gets used to its new location, sun exposure, and watering schedule. Placing an additional demand on sod by installing it in the summer — when Kentucky temperatures are at their highest — could kill the sod. Watering sod in the summer more will prevent death by dehydration, but could invite disease that discolors the grass.

For this reason, late summer or early fall is the best time of year to plant sod in Kentucky. Temperatures have cooled from summer highs, and there is still enough time for the sod to become established before winter comes. When spring arrives, the sod will be established, strong, and verdant. Sod can also be installed successfully in the late spring, so that it can make the transition before the heat of summer.

How to Prepare to Lay Sod

Unlike grass seed, which can be sown on top of your existing lawn, sod requires a blank slate to thrive. Have a professional lawn care service prepare your yard for sod by removing grass, aerating and amending the soil, and removing rocks and other debris that could affect the sod’s ability to root. This hard work creates a perfect environment for sod to root, find nourishment, and turn into the rich, green lawn you have always dreamed of.

This work can be done up to two months before the time the sod is installed. If you are itching to move ahead with creating a beautiful lawn but it is not the best time to transplant sod, you may still be able to lay the ground work for this landscaping project.

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